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In 2012, with husband, Brian Hare, Vanessa founded Dognition. While their book The Genius of Dogs aimed to uncover the genius of all dogs, Dognition discovers the unique genius of your dog. Begin the Dognition experience by playing a series of science-based games that will reveal your dog's unique abilities. This knowledge is the first step in creating an even stronger connection with your dog — a connection that can help you be the best owner you can be for your furry friend.

Rather than providing only a single intelligence score, Dognition evaluates cognition to provide a complete picture of your dog's intelligence. Dognition is not about ranking a dog's IQ — it's about discovering which skills an individual dog relies on to navigate the world. Our Canine Assessment Toolkit (or CAT) is designed to reveal a dog's cognitive dimensions. Learning which cognitive dimensions are your dog's strongest and which are areas for improvement can help shed light on where your dog is coming from — and the new places your relationship can go.

A key aspect of the Dognition methodology is our use of Citizen Science — research that can be conducted by everyone, not just people with Ph.D.s. By gathering this data we can begin to understand more about all dogs, much more quickly and on a broader scale than if scientists had to conduct this research themselves.

You and thousands of others take part in Dognition, and the data is shared with our partners (including you!) to gain new insights and support new research to benefit all dogs.

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Dognition: Find the Genius in Your Dog.
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